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The SH Built Pre-Construction team meets with the design team, architects, & consultants to understand, set, and convey client goals. We then determine budget and milestone goals while the permits, plans, and specs are coming together.

Pre-construction services may also include project management tasks to make the construction phase easier down the line.

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The SH Built Construction team manages the quality controls, schedule, budget, and complete communication of each project. We work with trusted subcontractors to carry out the vision of the design team and our project management makes the building experience efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.

By using Buildertrend, construction management software we are able to provide clients and their projects with a new level of productivity, communication, and transparency.

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Aspen Mountain


The SH Built Guardianship program provides planned and condition-based home maintenance. Routine inspections and proper record keeping of equipment and service is the cornerstone of the Home Guardianship program.

Inspection services are customizable, providing clients with any or all of the following reports: mechanical, electrical, low-volt, roof, structural, finished surfaces, exterior paint conditions, landscaping, arborist assessments, and thermal imaging.

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