Management TEAM 



Tom Sherlock is a vital part of the success of each project.  By fully ingesting the details of each home build, he is able to weigh in on and be a part of site meetings, phone conferences and field decisions as required.  In addition, Tom creates a culture that is the lifestyle component to the company that is so critical to the wellness of the team.  He plays a crucial part in working through the inevitable challenges faced on projects and ensures that all resolutions are fair and meet the approval of the client.  Tom is also heavily involved in the billing process including thorough reviews of all Schedule of Values and Change Orders before they are processed. 


PROJECT Coordinator


Our site superintendents are managers.  Their main role is Quality and Schedule coordination.  Their duties range from detailing the scope for a particular category being procured, to ensuring subcontractors show up when required and provide quality workmanship, hosting weekly architect/design site meetings to seek further information and making sure the subcontracts are fulfilled as written.  This team member is perhaps the most intimate with the project and has a close relationship with the client, the architect and the workforce!  Here is a sample Subcontractor Update, sent weekly to the associated tradesmen to communicate with them on all schedule and site updates.


Greg Hinkle has been a part of the Sherlock Homes team for over 5 years.  He is integral to the project, working to align quality and budget.  He understands and conveys the complexities of this process clearly and will research and work with the superintendent, the owner, the architect and the client to ensure all expectations are met prior to procuring labor and materials.  His work is mainly behind the scenes and he is closely integrated with the accounting team.


Rolf Frazer has been coordinating seasonal preventative home maintenance for the homes we build.  He is also conducting home inspections in a similar fashion for new home purchases.  Both the Preventative Maintenance and the Home Inspections are done with qualified third-party subcontractors to ensure a top notch product. Click the Guardianship Tab above for more info. 


Accounting Dept.

Arguably the most crucial part of the Construction Management Engine, the Accounting Dept. collects the bills, matches them up with Purchase and or Change Orders and requests reimbursement from clients.  Most of our projects are done on a cost plus 10% basis.  It is more complicated, however we have experienced that the client succeeds much more when they pay the contractors cost plus fee.  Our accounting philosophy is 100% transparency!  Our Draw Requests are very easy to understand and give detailed insight into the finances of the project.



Sherlock Homes Construction employees frame/finish carpenters who are skilled craftsmen and have worked on many projects as a part of team.  They are well aware of the level of detail expected and strive to do things right the first time.  Our laborers are also long-time team members and also understand the flow of a project and the expectations for their workmanship.