The Partnership with Realtor’s is multi-faceted.  We can assist with cost/value analysis during property acquisitions.  We can also work with an owner’s broker to meet certain criteria where value meets the cost. 

Realtors utilize our Home Inspection Services where we inspect the most critical areas of a home that are most times left off a standard home inspectors report.


Tom Sherlock has built many spec homes personally and with/for investors. These partnerships are specific to each project. With the experience of building in both the mid and up-valley markets, the Sherlock build-team has completed multiple successful Spec-Build projects for it partners.


SH Built dos not offer Property Management.  Therefore, we partner with managers to ensure a home is properly cared for throughout the seasons.  We believe that preventative maintenance keeps a home operating at its best and saves time, money and headaches in the long run.  We are diligent about seasonal inspections!






We at SH Built and Sherlock Home Guardianship believe that Homes are build and cared for through trusting partnerships.  Each of our client’s listed below have separate wants, needs and means to the same end goal – Quality Constructed and Cared for Homes!


Our team feels that partnering with Home Owners is a two phased, life-long relationship – first to meet the quality, schedule and budget goals of the home build phase. Second is to maintain the Owner’s home to uphold those same standards with which the home was initially built to maintain the investment.


The Builder's job is to execute, facilitate and fulfill the design intent.  This requires a commitment to understanding the Architect and/or Interior Designer’s vision.  SH Built feels that a close partnership between the Design Team and Builder is what is required to successfully accomplish the goal! We are committed to that relationship!