SH Built been serving clients in Aspen and Snowmass since 2000. As a full service construction company with a long history of successful remodels and new builds, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of service. For this reason, we have started the Sherlock Home  Guardianship program. This program is managed as a separate division of our construction company, however it is designed to complement our construction product by maintaining our clients’ property investments. Inspection is the key to proper maintenance.

The primary goal of maintenance is to mitigate the consequences of equipment failure. This will be achieved by preventing the failure through Planned and Condition Based Maintenance. Planned inspections and proper record keeping of equipment deterioration and service will achieve the goal of the Sherlock Home Guardianship program.

Advanced Home Inspections

Sherlock Homes believes in inspecting the vitals of a home. While most other inspectors may not be equipped to provide this service, our service is customizable to provide clients with any or all of the following reports:

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Low-volt

  • Roof

  • Structural

  • Finished surfaces

  • Exterior paint conditions

  • Landscape and arborist assessments

  • lat work analysis

  • Thermal imaging

Sherlock Homes will work with their trusted sub-contractors to provide equipment status and life-expectancy reports and proposals. Reports include photo and cost documentation that allows home buyers and sellers to negotiate fair terms, based on real data. Sherlock Homes is also capable of providing the simple home repair inspection.