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Construction in the mountains has its many challenges.  

From navigating the permit process, to ensuring the engineers are achieving what is required; from knowing which subcontractors to work with and negotiating subcontracts with them to scheduling in waves as required and having the leverage or relationships to encourage crews to show up even when the seasons get busy and understanding the dynamics of final retainage, punch listing, etc. Sherlock Homes has the experience required to successfully deliver the highest quality home building product!  

Sherlock Homes offers its clients
the following: 

Provide pre-construction planning: 

     Budget building
     Schedule advising  
     Assembly consultation
     Permit acquisition coordination 

Complete understanding of what a mountain home requires to live a strong life

Thorough and 100% transparent accounting

A firm grasp of the latest in communication technology to provide: 

     Clear, concise, weekly and even
     up-to-the-minute progress updates to clients 

     Thorough Requests For Information (RFIs) to the            design team 

     Exceptional bi-weekly communication with
     all subcontrators 

Close involvement in the 1st year with (2) free inspections to ensure warranty issues are addressed

Engagement with the home long after the project with our Home Guardianship program

Highly Detailed and Experienced Project Coordination, primarily focused on representing owner’s goals

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